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I wanted big project exposure - next thing you know I was working there!
- Richard
Project Engineer
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Listed 5th Jan, 2010
Work Type
Full Time
Construction (Infrastructure) > Project Management

Alliance Managers - Water

Are you an Alliance Manager with a history of successful big project delivery?

  1. 4 positions in 4 different states
  2. Alliances with industry specialists
  3. Probably the 3 best employers in the industry!
Are you an Alliance Manager with a history of successful big project delivery?

Alliance Management – not an easy role! Managing representatives from all alliance parties (usually including the client and design consultants) is a difficult job with issues including managing different employers with different agendas and goals within the alliance, directing the alliance team to achieve programme milestones, adherence to budget and time constraints and keeping the Alliance Board of Directors happy...nearly impossible on occasion!

But on the plus side, you mitigate risk for the Alliance partners, you develop a close relationship with the client and you guarantee future work for yourself and your company!

Isn’t it time you sought an employer with continuity of work, excellent relationships with their many clients, willing to negotiate a salary package that mirrors what your value to the industry is and also seeks to employ you on a long term, stable, secure basis???

In2work has been requested to source Alliance Managers for 2 Top Tier Contractors and a rapidly expanding mid tier company (one of the fastest growing contractors in Australia).

The projects are:

• CV$300m Water Alliance over 5 years in Perth – tender phase
• CV$400m Water Alliance in Brisbane – 4 year and at preferred contractor status
• CV$200m Water Alliance project in Melbourne – 3 year preferred contractor status
• Strategic Position in Sydney – Build a team around you and win the projects!

Responsibilities would include the direction and management of a large team, Overseeing the finances and commercial aspects of the Alliance, Providing a clear reporting structure to the board or senior management team, in depth knowledge of the technical aspects of the construction of water related infrastructure, mentoring and motivating the team and generally delivering the project via the project plan.

Regarding the qualifications for these outstanding opportunities, prerequisites would include Degrees in Civil or Mechanical Engineering together with 15+ years of experience.

If you are working in a Mid Tier or Top Tier Contractor/Consultancy, have recent local experience and you do not fall under the category above, please feel free to contact us – we would love to hear from you!

To show your interest in working for some of the Largest, most diversified and successful companies in Australia please register your interest by sending a Cover Letter together with an Updated CV to – we are happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.